We’re still stuck with a pandemic, so the upcoming Virtual Warrior Weekend on Saturday, 24 April will be a one-day event: There are some things like disarms that we did in person that cannot be done virtually, so that reduces the number of things that can be taught somewhat. We have also set up the intro and lessons 6 and 12 to run simultaneously (using break out rooms on Zoom), and the three initiation rituals have been combined into one (script is now in the Dropbox). 5 people are going through initiations (2 Armorings, 1 Arming, and 2 Masterings). Make sure you have your magickal weapons at hand (especially if you’re going through an Arming) and if you’re doing a Mastering, bring a small hand mirror.

For the sword class, bring something that can be used as a sword. For the bo/kali class, you’ll need a stick about two feet long, and a quarterstaff or broom handle. If you’re indoors due to the weather and can’t swing a quarterstaff around, a stick will do. We’re recording the lesson, so you’ll be able to try it on your own later.

We’ve got some energy experiments in the schedule (as usual!) and are introducing balyunmirr (a warrior dance which you’re going to have to come to the Warrior Weekend to experience). It will be a tight 12-hour day including breaks. Please remember to register at the Ardantane website for this weekend.

Participants who are going for Knighthood can do a vigil Sunday, 18 April at 10 AM, which is when some of the Knights and Masters will be there to be shield bearers.

One Day Schedule (all times Mountain):

Time Activity Things Needed Instructor
0900 – 0950 (break out rooms) Intro   Cassandra
Lesson 6   Polaris
Lesson 12   Amber K
1000 – 1150 Energy Review   Shawn
1200 Lunch Break    
1300 – 1420 Sword Sword Seosaidh
1430 – 1550 Bo/Kali Quarterstaff (bo) and stick/knife Kerr
1600 – 1650 Anvil Magick   Kerr
1700 – 1800 Dinner Break    
1800 -1850 Blowing in the Wind/Balyunmirr   Cassandra/Kerr
1900 – 2000 Armoring   Commandery


Regards, Kerr Cuhulaincollage