Five Knights of our Order attended Magickal Mountain Mabon at the Cibola National Forest in New Mexico, put on by the Chamisa Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess (COG): Amber K, Cassandra, Star Rose, Jude, and Kerr Cuhulain. In the photo above you see Amber K and Cassandra on their way to an event and in the photo below Kerr is teaching a workshop. During the four day event we conducted energy workshops, gave a presentation on Pagan Warriors, taught a Haka Boot Camp, conducted an Armoring Ritual, and conducted healing and other services. Our knights assisted in the closing ritual. An Arming Ritual was held at which Star Rose was made a Knight of the Order. It had been five years since Kerr attended this event alone, and it was fabulous to have a Commandery there: People had a lot of positive things to say about us.