The Warrior archetype is misunderstood, misrepresented, and sometimes feared in Western culture. Being a Warrior isn’t about fighting, it is about being effective. It is about understanding and mastering yourself. Our Order defines the modern, peaceful, Pagan Warrior and shows how this archetype fits into modern Pagan culture. On the weekend of 27 – 29 April 2018 the Masters and Knights of the Order will be meeting at Ardantane in New Mexico for a Warrior Weekend. This weekend will allow students studying the Order of Paladins training courses to do face to face training and receive their Armoring initiation (transition to Squire) and Arming initiation (transition to Knighthood). Students from the two current training streams will be attending. It will be open to participants not involved in this training stream to get some intensive training in energy use and sensitivity.

Those traveling from a distance may arrive early and stay late. Orientation on Friday evening. Saturday classes. Sunday morning graduation with an Armoring ritual for new students and an Arming ritual for Paladin students. Cost: $120 class only, $150 class plus lodging. Go to www.ardantane.org to sign up, and detailed information will be sent to you. Call (505) 469-7777 with questions.

Kerr Cuhulain