I practice Bojutsu, the art of the Japanese quarterstaff. One generates a great deal of chi swinging the bo around in a kata or form, and you certainly move around while doing so. Indeed, that’s one of the reasons that I’m attracted to that discipline. One of the best examples of this sort of energy work that I have encountered was performed by a woman named Tina, a US Army master sergeant diagnosed with cancer. I met Tina, a small woman, but a strong one, at the Sacred Well Congregation meeting in the San Antonio area a few years ago. She was very excited to meet me and asked me to wait while she got her “athame” to show me. Tina ran off to her cabin and I expected her to return with a knife. Instead she came back grinning with a two handed battle sword that was taller than she was. This dopplehander sword must have weighed eight pounds. We laughed about it and she put it away. Next morning I was up early and did some T’ai Chi as the sun rose over the hills. Afterwards I sat down in the covered outdoors dining area to enjoy the sunrise. No one else seemed to be up and about. A short time later Tina came out carrying her dopplehander sword, unaware that I was there. She went to the middle of the field, lay the sword down, bowed to this weapon, then picked it up and started a full bore sword form, twirling and dancing about for five minutes or so, swinging that heavy sword around one handed at times as if it weighed nothing. When she finally finished my applause was the first indication to her that I was watching. I called her over and asked where she had learned swordplay, since I recognized many of the moves she’d used from Western schools of medieval swordplay. To my surprise she told me that she’d never received any training. She’d been diagnosed with cancer and decided that the way to fight it was to imagine it as an enemy she had to cut down. To do this she got this sword and went out daily to fight this disease. She’d taught herself the moves. Her sword dance generated the chi and her intent used it to attack her disease. She defeated the cancer and did the dance daily ever since. If ever I needed proof of the power of raising chi with a magickal weapon and directing it with intent, here it was.

The original video had a sound track of bag pipes that her husband played in the background, but YouTube objected to the use of the song in the video, so I’ve removed it to keep everyone happy. You can view this video with the link below:

Sword Dance

In Her Service, Kerr