Sword Dance

I practice Bojutsu, the art of the Japanese quarterstaff. One generates a great deal of chi swinging the bo around in a kata or form, and you certainly move around while doing so. Indeed, that’s one of the reasons that I’m attracted to that discipline. One of the best examples of this sort of energy […]

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I’ve started working on Lesson 20, the first in the Paladins series and it is posted on the Lessons page. I’ve also updated several other lessons with newer versions. I’m currently 28,000 words into a new book on energy work which I hope to finish soon. Stay tuned!

In Her Service, Kerr Cuhulain

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Training Videos and Updates

I have started uploading basic training videos to supplement the lessons and I’ve updated lesson 1. Check out the lessons page to view the links for these videos.

In Her Service, Kerr

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Lois McMaster Bujold writes, speaking as Count Vorkosigan, that “Oaths of death before dishonour, given time, tend to divide the world into the dead and the forsworn.” Honour is a word much used by many people, in many situations, for many reasons. Schoolyard fights can erupt over a perceived maligning of a parent’s honour, even […]

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Right VS Left

This month I decided to talk about the marriage of creativity with logic. Many people seem to throw others into one of two categories. They are either “left brained people” or “right brained people”. These categories create limitations in people both by changing what others expect from them and what they expect from themselves. Almost […]

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Coming Soon

Ealasaid is working hard on a new look and functionality for this web site and I had a chance to look at the preliminary work a couple of days ago. We’re now fine tuning this so that early in the new year we can start populating the new site with content such as new training […]

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Sabbats and Rituals

I’ve got Sabbat information uploaded to the Rituals and Sabbats page now including the upcoming Yule ritual.

In Her Service, Kerr

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Standard Rituals

All of the initiatory rituals and other standard rituals of the Order of Paladins have now been uploaded to the rituals page.

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Questionnaires Uploaded

The revised questionnaires for the Power Point lessons have all been uploaded today. Some of the Power Point lessons have also been updated with minor revisions.

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All Current Lessons Uploaded

Power point lessons 1 – 19 have been uploaded to the lessons page!

In Her Service, Kerr Cuhulain, Preceptor General

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