“Justice” may be one of the trickier concepts in our Code of Chivalry. Not only do people not agree on how it should be defined- Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary contains 8 related but not identical definitions for the word- but how justice is to be applied differes widely. Robert Heinlein discussed in The Number of the […]

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Lessons Page Updates

I went through all of the lessons today doing minor corrections and updates. I also added an updated “Guide to Caer Paladin” on the Lesson Page. Please check it out.

Kerr Cuhulain

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Be Glorious Newsletter

Here is the latest newsletter from our Chancellor General: Be Glorious 2.1

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I have talked about truth before, in my essay on developing the ability to see the truth in all matters. In it, I talk about the different truths that we perceive- subjective and objective truths- that are often very different. As Knights, we offer ourselves to stand in the way of danger, to defend those […]

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By now, it’s probably apparent from my essays that I take little at face value and rarely take the direct approach to any issue. The discussion of perseverance is no different, I’m afraid! It is important to understand that any part of our Code of Chivalry has a converse.

Without perseverance, it is rather difficult to […]

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Seosaidh Blackwolf

July 29, 2014

There are many words that the general public gets wrong. Ambivalence, for example. Most people think that “ambivalence” means “I don’t know what I’m feeling.” In fact, it means “feeling two separate emotions at the same time.” Often, this leads to not being able to separate the two, but that uncertainty is […]

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New Videos

I just added a number of new instructional videos on energy work to the YouTube channel:

Plucking Stars

Pushing Mountains

Cloud Hands

Lifting Water

Drawing in Chi

Circulating Chi

Kerr Cuhulain

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Siniwali Drills

Here is the newly editted video on Siniwali Drills

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Sumbrada Video

Here is a YouTube video on the Sumbrada exercise that you will find in Lesson 2: Sumbrada Video

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Seosaidh Blackwolf

Sincerity Essay


Del took a deep breath. She let it out. Her voice was gentle. “That’s insane,” she said.

“Maybe,” agreed Lewis as Foss lunged at him yet again, “but it’s sincere as hell!” -John Steakley, “Armor”


The Code of Chivalry always needs to be considered in context. In my last essay, I discussed the idea that honor […]

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